To leverage the power of the blockchain to return personal data to the individual and foster a more secure and empowered future.

CoolBitX, founded in 2014 by Michael Ou, is a Taiwanese FinTech company specializing in manufacturing secure, US patented digital asset hardware and developing smart contract platforms for millions of users.

Backed by top VC firms, including SBI Holdings, Midana Capital, OwlTing, Kyber Capital, and Bitmain, CoolBitX has successfully delivered a bridge that will span between the blockchain and widespread public use. CoolBitX believes the faster decentralized blockchain technology achieves mass adoption and allows us to stop relying on unsecured centralized institutions, the better.

Launched in 2016, the first generation CoolWallet showcased the world’s first ever mobile hardware wallet with tens of thousands of units sold. From there, CoolBitX designed the most cutting-edge mobile wallet with unprecedented offline digital vault capabilities  – CoolWallet S – which has become one of the market’s leading hardware wallets. Combining security, mobility, and flat-out coolness, the CoolWallet S has reset the world’s expectations for a hardware wallet with its credit card size and feel, physical flexibility, waterproof protection, and smart, over-the-air software and firmware updates that make it better over time. 

And this is just the beginning.

By building its best wallet yet, CoolBitX continues to make products accessible to more and more people, ultimately accelerating widespread blockchain application and individual identity management. Personal data such as bank account information, ID numbers, and medical records already exist in large centrally-owned databases, but when owned by you, you begin to control your own future – and that’s the future we want.

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SBI Holdings Investor of CoolBitX

SBI Holdings



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