CoolWallet Update: How to Claim Your Bitcoin Cash

When Bitcoin forks, it creates a new kind of digital asset. Including new assets in CoolWallet must be approached with caution. August 1, 2017, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was successfully launched. BCH is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC), which means everyone who had BTC in their CoolWallet at the time of the fork now also owns the same amount of BCH.Not every asset is safe be added CoolWallet due to security reasons .

So we’re here to teach you how to access your BCH before CoolWallet officially supports it:

  • If you’re an Android user, simply download an app wallet that supports BCH,for example Coinomi or FreeWallet. Then recover your wallet on the app which will give you access to both your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

  • If you’re an iOS user, you can use desktop wallet such as Electron Cash to access your Bitcoin Cash, And here’s how you do it:

Download Electron Cash

  1. Open Electron Cash on your Desktop
  2. Create a New Wallet  
  3. Choose Standard wallet and press Next
  4. Choose “Create a new seed”
  5. Your Seed should be generated. Write it down and store somewhere safe. Make sure you don’t make any digital backups.
  6. Re-type it and press next.
  7. Create password for your wallet

After clicking “Next” you will created an encrypted BCH compatible wallet. Sweep Private Key into Electron Wallet

  1. Open Electron Wallet
  2. Go to [Tools]  >[Network](overview) > disable auto-select in [overview] >Unclick “Select Server Automatically”
  3. Click on [Server] (to the right of [Overview]— ->type in “”(you’ll connect to that server) and type in Port 50012
  4. Go to [Wallet] >[Private Keys] >[Sweep]
  5. Click “Sweep”
  6. Paste your private key then press enter.
  7. Click on “Broadcast”
  8. Once it is confirmed you will have your BCH in your Electron Wallet!

And here are other wallets that support BCH:
Jaxx / Bitcoin Unlimited /Bitcoin Classic/BitcoinABC

But if your CoolWallet is created by number seeds it could not be used to recover on other wallets, which means you can’t access your Bitcoin Cash at this moment, but don’t worry, your Bitcoin Cash is safe with CoolWallet, and they shall be accessible once CoolWallet support it.

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