Places you can use bitcoin in Taiwan

Previously we talked about major retailers and services that accept Bitcoin in Japan. This week, we’re gonna talk about another country that’s Bitcoin friendly, Taiwan.
And here are some fine places that accept Bitcoin in Taiwan!

1. Eiger Law
Address : 106, Building A, 25-2 Renhe Road, Da’an District, Taipei City/ 106
Website :

Eiger Law is a full-service law firm with Asia Pacific practice strengths providing counseling and assistance in their corporate, commercial, dispute-resolution and intellectual-property matters. Eiger’s clients range from major multinationals and financial heavyweights through to SMEs across a wide range of industries.

Eigar law is the first law firm to accept Bitcoin payments in Asia. Their attorneys regularly hold lectures and workshops for Greater China’s international business community on legal issues surrounding electronic and crypto-currencies and related technology.

2. BeerBicycle hostel and bar. 
Address : No. 9, Alley 8, Lane 90, Section 2, Hankou St, Wanhua DistrictTaipei City, 108
DistrictTaipei City, 108
Website :

Founded by award winning cyclist,Brendon Chou. BeerBicycle bar provide an excellent place for Bike lover to meet up and enjoy some fine selected beer. You can pay for your beer with cash, credit card or Bitcoin

3. Solo Singer Hotel & Cafe
Address :Solo Singer No. 7, Lane 21, Wen Quan Rd., Beitou DistrictTaipei, Taiwan 112 
                 Cafe Solo Singer: 112 No. 1, Alley 1, Lane 7, Wen Quan Rd., Beitou District,Taipei, Taiwan 11241
Website :

The first hotel to ever accepted Bitcoin as payment.

It is a renaissance project of a small old Taiwanese hotel. It is a hotel in the hot spring area without hot spring, but embedded in the history and traditional lifestyle of an old Taiwanese neighborhood. There won’t be any televisions to disturb your time when pausing to enjoy the quietness and inspiration away from the bustling life. Pick up a book if you want and find your favorite corner for reading. The speed of reading is what we believe to be the best speed for experiencing the traditional Taiwanese lifestyle.

4. 12 Baskets
Address : No. 20, Minyue Street, Datong DistrictTaipei City, 103
Website :

12 Baskets is on of the popular arts and crafts store in Taipei. Their well designed product came mostly from HuaLien. They accept in store Bitcoin payment .

5. Black Dog Pub 
Address :  142 Yunwen St, Lingya District, KaohsiungKaohsiung, Taiwan 802
Website : 

The Black Dog Pub is a cozy, foreign owned pub located in a quiet alley in downtown Kaohsiung City. It is very near Bottoms Up, so a pub crawl is always possible. There are several beers on tap as well as a pub food menu. Open Mic nights (usually Thursdays) are really popular and fun, just don’t get too drunk and pay more bitcoins then you should.

6. Coin Cake

Address : Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Website :
A new bakery and cafe in Taiwan is using only crypto for payment. Currently they accept BTC, Ripple, ETH, etc. 

7. Hualien Outdoors Local Tour

Website : 

Your Guide To River Tracing, Hiking and Outdoor Explorations In Hualien, Taiwan.
Hualien Outdoors is the original English service outtripping outdoor company based in beautiful Hualien city.

8. Family Mart 全家便利商店
Website :

FamilyMart has been allowing customers to use Bitcoin at its nearly 4,000 locations in Taiwan since 2015. You can buy cash coupons with Bitcoin that’s accepted at its stores.The coupons are dispensed by its FamiPort terminals, which are a common payment channel used for everything from paying parking ticket fines or utility bills to buying train or movie tickets.

9. BitExc Bitcoin E-Commerce Service

Website :


BitExc allows you to buy all kind of stuffs , from Bitcoin Hardware wallets to a freshly slaughtered lobster. It’s the first ever platform in Taiwan that allows you to pay with Bitcoin.

10. CoolBitX Technology

Website :

Yep, we accept Bitcoin payment as well. It would be pretty weird for a Bitcoin Wallet company to not accept Bitcoin. 

That’s pretty much it, if there’s any places that accept Bitcoin in Taiwan, feel free to let us know, we’ll write a sequel about it, Go Bitcoin.

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