Recover Your Bitcoin Cash: First Generation CoolWallet Users

CoolWallet Seed Code Converter : Bitcoin Cash

Only Bitcoin in the CoolWallet before the fork date on August 1, 2017 is eligible to claim Bitcoin Cash.

WARNING: To avoid hacks by seed exposure, backup your Bitcoin on another wallet with new seed before beginning this process. Make sure you clear the Bitcoin balance of the seed before claiming your BCH.

 STOP:  before you begin you’ll need the following tools:

1. Electron Cash Wallet

2.CoolWallet Seed Recovery Tool: Open this page on Desktop only. 

3. CoolWallet App

4. Recovery Card

5. The seed recover tool found right below

Seed Recovery Tool

Click Here for Tool: Open this page on Desktop only. 

Steps to Recover Bitcoin Cash

1. Click Electron Cash Wallet link and click “Download Latest Version 3.2”



2.  Choose the OS you wish to use for this process (We used OSX)



3.  Open the Electron Cash Wallet app



4.  Click “Open” when/if prompted



5. Ensure “Auto connect” option is selected and click “Next”



6. Ensure wallet reads “default_wallet” and click “Next”



7. Ensure “Import Bitcoin Cash addresses or private keys” option is selected, click “Next”, and return to this page


8.  Find your recovery card and input seed into the Seed Recovery Tool with space between each set, ex, 116548 985675 110322

Click here to input seed into Seed Recovery Tool


9. Open the CoolWallet app and select which account you wish to use (1-5).

Click here to input account # in Seed Recovery Tool



10. Select which chain type the address is on.

External addresses are visible in the CoolWallet app, change addresses must be manually inserted and tested until found.

Click here to select chain type in Seed Recovery Tool


11. On the CoolWallet app, select which address you wish to use to claim Bitcoin Cash.

Click here to input address # in Seed Recovery Tool


12. Click “Recover to WIF” button to create WIF code. Copy WIF code and return to Electron Cash Wallet app.

Click here to produce WIF code in Seed Recovery Tool



13. Copy & Paste WIF code and click “Next”



14. Ignore password page and click “Next”



15. Claim your Bitcoin Cash


Tips and tricks

  1. Click “Next” on all prompts.
  2. You don’t need a password, just click “Next”.
  3. You can view the confirmation via right clicking on “Not verified” and select “view on block explorer”.


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