Specifications — CoolWallet S Introduction

Specifications — e-Paper Display

Specifications — Display Letters Guide

Specifications — Charger

Set Up — Download CoolWallet S app

  • CoolWallet S is available via the App Store and Google Play.
  • Please download CoolWallet S app, not CoolWallet (first generation).

Pairing Sequence 1

Please keep your CoolWallet S charging while pairing for the first time. If your wallet is not charging, it will turn off automatically after 30 seconds and you will have to restart the sequence.

Pairing Sequence 2 

When opening CoolWallet S app for the first time, find your wallet by finding the matching CoolWallet card serial number (serial number is located on the upper left corner on front or back side of the wallet).

Paring Sequence 3

Press “Connect” on App

Paring Sequence 4

Check your CoolWallet S for a one-time password.

Input the password on automatic prompt.

Note: Check your phone’s notification center if the automatic prompt isn’t visible on the app.

Paring Sequence 5

Pairing Confirmation:

Press “Pair”on the app then press the button on your CoolWallet S to confirm that you wish to pair card with the device.


Once your wallet is paired with the device, a pairing password will be given to you so that you can pair additional devices to your CoolWallet S.

Pairing Sequence 6

Press button to confirm pairing sequence

Pairing Sequence 7

Pairing sequence is complete

Create New Wallet 1

Select one of two ways for set up:

  • Create wallet: Generates random new seed and new account
  • Recover: Use existing seed to recover your old wallet

Remember to put your card into the charger during the wallet set up process.

Create New Wallet 2

When creating a new wallet, your CoolWallet S will generate a new seed set for you.

Based on the security level you desire, you can choose:

  • Seed with 12 number sets
  • Seed with 18 number sets
  • Seed with 24 number sets

Note: Seeds are randomly generated and CoolBitX does not keep any copies – the seed is in your total control.

Create New Wallet 3

  • The seed will appear on the app screen.
  • Please make sure to write down the seed in case of future recovery needs.
  • The number seed is a multi-layered encryption of your private keys.

   Seed tip

Double check to see if your CoolWallet is still transmitting a bluetooth signal before you write down your seed. If not, you must restart the process by reconnecting your CoolWallet and receiving a valid seed.   

Create New Wallet 4

  • A verification process will appear to ensure you’ve written down the correct seed.

  • Simply add up all the numbers in your seed and input the sum on the bottom line.

  • Press verify to confirm the correct sum.

Important: Backing Up

The seed recovery card is a paper form used as backup in the event of a lost card or device. You can still easily recover your coins or tokens by properly writing your seed number set on the recovery card.

We have designed a number-based seed as an extra layer of defense. Still, it is best security practice to avoid storing your seed in any digital form such as on excel, cloud services, in email, text, or encrypted files, etc.

We have developed the seed number sum protocol to assist with the accurate recording of seeds. However, we can’t wholly prevent you from writing down wrong numbers. So make sure your seed numbers are written down without error.

If you write down the wrong numbers, your assets may be unrecoverable if you lose your wallet. So remember to double check the numbers and the sum!

Keep your recovery card confidential. If anyone controls them, they will be able to steal your coins or tokens.

Keep the recovery card in a place safe from fire, water, insects, or direct sunlight. If your recovery card is damaged or lost, you will not be able to recover your funds.



Recover Your Old Wallet

Enter the seed generated from your previous wallet and click “verify”.

It can either be:

  • A set of English words matching BIP-39 (from first generation card)
  • A set of numbers generated in CoolWallet S app (second generation)

Recovery may take about 1 minute to complete.

Receive and Send Payment — Overview 1

  • The wallet automatically discovers assets you own based on your seed:
  • The approximate value of your total assets is shown in fiat currency on the top.
  • The exact amount of individual coins or tokens you hold is shown on the bottom section.

Receive and Send Payment — Overview 2

When you click on any coin or token, the app will list out addresses that belong to the wallet and the balance for each address.

Receive and Send Payment — Receive 1

For others to send coins to you, select the address and presents its QR code.

You can:

  • Add a new address
  • Copy the address
  • Share the address through email and social media

Receive and Send Payment — Receive 2

  • To receive other currencies, click on the currency initial you wish to receive on the top right (BTC, ETH).
  • Click the circular arrow icon on the upper right to sync the wallet’s balance and addresses with app.

Receive and Send Payment — Send 1

Send coins and tokens to others by simply filling in the “To” line with their address name or scan their address QR code.

  • Automatically calculates average fee.
  • You can manually adjust the fee for faster or slower transaction times.

Receive and Send Payment — Send 2

  • To change the type of currency you wish to send, click on the currency initial on the top right (BTC, ETH).
  • Only addresses with assets will be shown in the “From” section.
  • The “MAX” button will clear out all the assets in current account.

Receive and Send Payment — Send 3

Read the sending details on the app and your CoolWallet S. Make sure the amount on both screens is correct. Confirm by pressing the button on the card.

The receiver’s address won’t appear on the card unless you activate “Show full address” option in“Settings”.

The two screen + button confirmation is to ensure the security and accuracy of the transaction.

Send tips

Important Notes when sending transactions:

  1. Make sure your app and card are paired when sending.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.
  3. Transactions: the lower the fee you pay, the slower the transaction.
  4. Send only when you see a fee.

Transaction Details — History

Once the transaction has been broadcasted and confirmed by the blockchain, it’ll show up in “History” tab on the right side of the app dock.

Transaction Details — Send Detail

Click on each transaction to access further details.

Click “Full information” to navigate to or for detailed information about the transaction.

Transaction Details — History Filter

Search for transactions by date


Search by different currencies.

Other Settings 1 — Pair: Show Pairing Password

The Pairing Password

is needed when you pair a new device to the original card.

Other Settings 2 — Device Management: Device List

The Pairing Password

is needed when you pair a new device to the original card.

Other Settings 3 — Device Management: Allow New Pairing

Once “Allow new pairing”  is turned off, your CoolWallet S won’t accept additional device pairing.

Other Settings 4 — Card Management : Full Address

  • If “Show full address” is activated, you will see the recipient’s address on the  CoolWallet S screen when confirming transaction.
  • This option helps users confirm if address is correct.

Other Settings 5 — Card Management: Wallet Reset


By reseting, you’ll wipe and empty your CoolWallet S.

You might need to use it when:

    1. You’re giving your CoolWallet to others.
    2. You’re recovering another account on your CoolWallet S.

You’ll still have your seeds in the recovery book.

Other Settings 6 — Account: Account Removal


This action will clean up the data stored in the app.

You might need to use it when:

    1. You do not want to use this device anymore.
    2. You want to pair this device with another card.