Frequently Asked Questions


01. General

CoolWallet S is a handy cold storage device for Crypto currencies, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. It has a great balance of world class security and convenience. It is easy to carry – easy to use – simple steps – highly secure.

To keep hackers away from your private keys. It is the best solution to store crypto currencies s securely and conveniently.

Other crypto hardware wallet works with USB compatible devices like laptop and PCs. CoolWallet S works with any device that has Bluetooth and it fits right into your wallet, bringing 2 factor security to your mobile phone or tablet device.

People lose their crypto from malware, inadequate backups, losing their device or theft. The anonymous nature of crypto currency makes it nearly impossible to find the hacker.

If 30 days have lapsed after your payment and we are unable to start the shipping process, you will be entitled to ask us for a full refund at the Crypto currencies to US dollar rate at the time of purchase.

The warranty is for 12 months. You should have a back-up for your Crypto. If CoolWallet S is not working within 12 months of normal use, please contact us and send your CoolWallet S back to us. We will send you a new CoolWallet S within 2 weeks (subject to spare cards stock availability) from receiving your CoolWallet S.

CoolWallet S is credit card size 85.6 (L) x 53.98 (W) x 0.8 (T) (+)(-) 5% mm.

CoolWallet S is configured with a SE (Secure Element: Common Criteria EAL5+ certified) chip to store Crypto currencies private keys, a communication module including BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0), NFC (Near Field Communication), an e-paper display (bistable, ultra-low power consumption, good contrast ratio 7:1, wide view angle (almost 180 degrees and readable under sunshine), durable/pressure resistant), a rechargeable battery and an OTP (One Time Password) generator.

No, CoolWallet S ensures security by combining two factor authentication and so it must be used with a smartphone (iPhone or Android) or a tablet (iPad or Android).

The view window size is 22.5 mm x 13.5 mm

Typically we reserve custom designs for enterprise level large orders. Please email us for further inquires or opportunities.

We recommend that you just back up your seed and put it in a safe place. Backing up private key separately is not necessary.

02. Function

The seed generated from CoolWallet S adheres to BIP 39 protocol.

We transfer the English mnemonics into numbers so the App can help to verify the correctness of the seed quicker. This also allows you to perform a simple addition question to verify the correct seed.

If you need to use the seed generated from CoolWallet S to recover on other wallets, simply look up in the attached mapping table and find the corresponding English words, and type them in the wallet you wish to use.

CoolWallet S can work on an iOS 9.1+ or Android 5.0+ devices with BLE 4.0.

You need another internet-device to connect with CoolWallet S via Bluetooth interface.

Yes, you can erase CoolWallet S data on your device by pressing the reset button on the app.

The core of CoolWallet S is an ARM-based secure element. We developed the native card operating system with Cryptocurrencies capability and enhanced security features.

CoolWallet S turns itself off after being inactive for 1 minute and disconnected.

The private key never leaves CoolWallet S in any case. Internet-device has to pair with CoolWallet S and then go through visual one time password verification to communicate with CoolWallet S.

We will open source the Micro Controller Unit code and firmware. As for the Secure Element chip, we are open to let trusted members of the Crypto currencies community and/or security industry to evaluate and audit all of our code and libraries.

Your private key is generated according to BIP32 rules which is derived by your seed. The master private key is safely stored in the CC EAL 5+ certified secure element.

03. Security

CoolWallet S has a CC EAL 5+ certified secure element that is equivalent to FIPS complied security level similar as US military’s requirement.

No worries. Simply use your seed recovery card to renter your seed when you recover a wallet on the app.

Likewise, you can restore your cryptocurrencies using any standard hierarchical deterministic wallet. However, we recommend that you buy a new CoolWallet S and restore your seed via our app for optimal security.

  1. Buy a new CoolWallet S, connect it with a device.
  2. Restore the wallet on a new CoolWallet S, or a HD wallet, through typing your seed in.

Backups are very important in case you lose your CoolWallet S! You need it to restore your crypto currencies . Also you do not want anyone else to have it.

04. Durability

How long does the CoolWallet S last for? – Your CoolWallet S is built to withstand wear and tear. With proper care, your wallet will last for many years. With the charger, your CoolWallet S will work indefinitely.

Do I recharge it? – Plug the CoolWallet S in the charger and it will awake.

Yes, but please do not have CoolWallet S in water for more than 1 hour.

No, household magnets are fine around it. However, we wouldn’t recommend testing it with an electromagnet.

Yep! The CoolWallet S is bendable up to 15 degrees. We recommend NOT trying this at home though.

Yes.  It can withstand cold temperatures as low as -10º and hot temperatures up to 50º C (14º F to 122º F)

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